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General information

U212 NFS

The U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) Programme is the most ambitious and innovative Submarine project undertaken by Italy.

Italy was very interested that OCCAR manage the Programme on its behalf. OCCAR (with 20 years’ experience of programme management since its founding) has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the demands of its Participating States in establishing new Programmes and delivering new defence capabilities.

OCCAR will ensure that the Programme’s development is in line with the most advanced criteria of System Engineering, Through Life Management, Risk Management and Quality. This will help to bring the Programme to the forefront of international attention, enhancing its potential for future cooperation and the increase the visibility of its industrial participants.

The Programme stems from the requirement to secure adequate underwater spatial surveillance and control capacity and considers the future complex scenarios of underwater operations. The U212 NFS Programme will carry out many different tasks for the benefit of Italy on a daily basis, responding to requests from the Italian Government or our Alliance partners, namely, NATO and the EU. Tasks will range from purely military missions to operations pertaining to freedom of navigation, anti-piracy, ensuring that energy supply routes remain safe (due to the presence of seabed resources or underwater infrastructure), observance of international law, combatting terrorism, defending external borders, and safeguarding maritime infrastructure, including essential off-shore and underwater infrastructure.
The Programme is the result of industrial, university and R&D work and can be characterised as a game-changer in the UW sector. It has capitalised on the experiences of the current U212A and has exploited the cutting-edge technology of the mechanical, energy and sensor, structures and projects sectors. The U212 NFS will also include a new generation combat system with Leonardo-developed command management system and weapon control, both including significant industrial and technological content provided by Italian industry, R&D and academia. The new platform will have an extended pressure hull, CIC re-designed for additional consoles, tropicalisation (operability in seawater with tropical temperatures), electric hoistable masts instead of hydraulic ones, new engineering control monitoring system and lithium-ion batteries for propulsion system. Moreover, U212 NFS will be fitted for the deployment of long-range deep strike cruise missiles and Leonardo national Black Shark Advanced heavyweight torpedoes. These innovative systems will also be tailored with a view to retrofitting previous units.

The Programme also aims to uphold and further develop strategic and innovative industrial know-how, as well as consolidating technology and enhancing the presence of technologically-advanced component parts.

The U212 NFS Programme covers the development, production and In Service Support for 4 submarines (3 plus 1 as option) new technology developments, 10-year in-service support as well as a new Training Centre. The contract will also include future technologies potentially including a new Fuel Cell system.

Delivery schedule

U212 NFS NR.112/2027
U212 NFS NR.201/2029
U212 NFS NR.312/2030
U212 NFS NR.401/2032 (optional)

U212 NFS Participating States


PO Box 2107
53011 Bonn / Germany

+49 (0) 228 55020


Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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