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TIGER In-Service Support Concept

The TIGER In-Service Support Concept

The TIGER In Service Support phase has ramped up significantly since the first deliveries in 2005.

From the very beginning, the participating Nations decided to implement a common approach to benefit common solutions in order to achieve the maximum availability of the fleet and the costs effectiveness.

The In Service Support to the TIGER system follows a Through Life Management Approach covering from the entry into service till the disposal of the system. The main target of this strategy is to minimize the Life Cycle Cost, particularly by using a common support whenever possible.

OCCAR has been entrusted to manage all engineering and logistic aspects in the whole spectrum of ISS activities up to 7 tasks: Material Support, Maintenance, Repair &Overhaul, Configuration and Modification, Technical Events, Training Means, Technical Publications and Post Design Activities.

The TIGER Weapon System uses the ASD standards and is serviced by various logistics electronic systems in order to efficiently support the management of spares and repair activities. The use of a corporate Logistic Information System is in preparation, being already bridged by an OCCAR in-house solution connecting users, industry and OCCAR to share Queries and Technical Events The flexibility of the organization to provide the adequate support has been tested on several deployments into different theatres already performed by all three nations.


This cooperative philosophy has also spread to other areas such as training. The simulation has proved to be the most cost effective mean to train both air crews and maintenance staff and Nations have decided to share the systems.

France and Germany operate TIGER Aircrew Training Means (TATM) in a French-German TIGER Training Centre (Le Luc base in France) and a TIGER Maintenance Trainer (TMT) in the French-German Maintenance Training Center (Fassberg base in Germany).


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Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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