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General information


The MAST-F (Missile Air-Sol Tactique Futur) programme will enhance the Air to Ground capability for the French TIGER helicopter, whose mid-life update is scheduled as part of the TIGER Mark III helicopter programme. MAST-F’s first delivery is planned for 2028.

The MAST-F missile will replace the Hellfire II missile and will enhance TIGER’s Air to Ground capability to meet the reality of the future ground battlefield.

MAST-F will be capable of neutralising the enemy’s Main Battle Tanks, infrastructure and combat groups with high precision and limited collateral damage. It is designed to provide FR combat units with a versatile and precision attack capability.

The MAST-F has the potential to be fitted and used by other aerial or terrestrial platforms, and will be integrated into the French Forces training system.

MAST-F Participating States


PO Box 2107
53011 Bonn / Germany

+49 (0) 228 55020


Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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