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General information

The rise of new hypersonic missile threats poses a significant challenge for European and NATO ground and naval air defence systems. The Hypersonic Defence Interceptor System (HYDIS) programme is the wider European collaborative response to the pressing need for a new interception solution able to effectively protect European territory, population, high value assets and deployed forces in the years ahead.

The HYDIS programme, launched under the auspices of TWISTER (Timely Warning and Interception with Space-based Theatre surveillance) PESCO initiative, is supported by unprecedented collaborative effort between the EU, industry and government, bringing together 19 partners and more than 30 subcontractors from 14 European countries. France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands collectively contribute approximately 60 M€ to the programme, along with the EU Defence Fund (EDF) providing 80 M€ in co-financing.

This programme offers a significant benefit, contributing to European resilience and technological sovereignty in the anti-missile domain, while also fostering cooperation and interoperability between EU countries and industry.

Through a 3-year Concept Phase, the HYDIS programme aims to study, mature and select an effective interceptor concept or family of concepts to counter hypersonic threats, by achieving three main objectives: a) to select the most suitable counter-hypersonic concept of interceptor (with potential variants) along with the associated weapon systems architecture; b) to mature the technologies necessary for implementing the selected counter-hypersonic concept in the next assessment and development programme phases; c) to establish the industrial network to develop the future counter-hypersonic missile systems.

The HYDIS Consortium is led by the French company MBDA FR who acts as prime contractor, and integrates the following companies: MBDA IT, MBDA DE, MBDA SP, ROXEL FR, Ariane Group SAS (FR), LYNRED (FR), ONERA (FR), Bayern Chemie (DE), TDW (DE), DLR (DE), OHB System AG (DE), Avio Aero GE Avio S.r.l. (IT), AVIO SpA (IT), C.I.R.A. (IT), Fokker Aerostructures B.V. (NL), Thales Nederland B.V. (NL), TNO (NL), THALES LAS (FR).

HYDIS Participating States


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Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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