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HYDIS - Hypersonic Defense Interceptor System

The HYDIS programme will develop a European interceptor or family of interceptors for strengthening European air defence against emerging hypersonic threats. The current concept phase starting in 2024 is addressing three main objectives:

  • Selecting the most suitable counter-hypersonic concept of interceptor with the associated weapon system architecture.
  • Maturing the key critical technologies that enable a development phase in 2030 for an in-service date at 2035 horizon.
  • Creating the European industrial network to develop the future European counter-hypersonic missile systems.

Besides, HYDIS concept phase will go through several steps:

  • Consolidating and harmonising the concept of operations.
  • Building a joint definition of current and upcoming hypersonic threats.
  • Consolidating weapon system requirements including the interceptor and its integration in the whole engagement chain.

Coordinated by MBDA FR, the European HYDIS consortium – 19 high valuable partners and more than 30 sub-contractors in 14 European countries – will tackle the following major technical challenges:

  • A multi-staged airframe with short response time and high manoeuvring capabilities at high altitude and high velocity.
  • High accuracy and long-range terminal sensors architecture and technologies.
  • Long duration and modulated cruise propulsion.
  • Artificial intelligence/complex algorithms for threat path computation, engagement planning and mid-course guidance.
  • Predictive terminal guidance against highly manoeuvring targets.
  • Sensors able to fully operate in hostile environment.
  • Delivering lethality performance for very high closing speeds.
  • Flexible integration within existing and future naval and land European platforms.
  • Weapon system architecture with connexion to systems of systems and networks of distributed sensors integrated at theatre or space level.


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Management System
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