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Fact Sheet

COBRA Technical Information

 Antenna Technology:

Fully-active phased array; Electronic scanning in azimuth and elevation (phase/phase); 2780 T/R modules containing MMICs

 Antenna Sector:

Electronic scan 90°, within available 270°


Agility in waveform and frequency (C-band)

Digital pulse compression / doppler filtering

Clutter map, CFAR and censor map

Target recognition – weapon classification

Battery location, Impact locations, Battery width and orientation

Priority of weapons and area

Rate of acquisition greater than 240 weapons in less than 2 minutes


Detection range is up to 100 km. Detection coverage is 90 degrees out to 100+

kilometres, corresponding to 7800 km².


Shell fragment protection using Aramid Laminat layer

 Air Conditioner:

Controlled air temperature with available gas, chemical and particle filtration BC).

 Power supply:

Diesel generator, 47 kVA


PO Box 2107
53011 Bonn / Germany

+49 (0) 228 55020


Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
ID 9105028673