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Oct 27 2021

Two new contracts signed for ESSOR

On the 27th of October 2021, the OCCAR Director, Mr. Matteo Bisceglia, signed two new contracts with A4ESSOR SAS and EUROMIDS SAS respectively represented by Mr. Lino Laganà and Mr. Antonello Mangogna.

The first contract, ESSOR New Capabilities (ENC), will enforce the interoperability of the ESSOR Participating States through the design of new communication waveforms for land, aeronautical and satellite applications and the set-up of a Custodianship Body in charge to optimize the ratio benefits/costs of the overall ESSOR eco-system.

The second contract, ESSOR MIDS (EMIDS), will initiate the design of an innovative system for Joint Tactical Data Link relying on ESSOR consolidated products.

Those two contracts have been co-funded by the six ESSOR nations and European Commission in the frame of the PESCO/EDIDP initiative.

If you want to know more about the ESSOR programme, please visit our website.

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