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Sep 29 2022

The OCCAR-EA Director visited the Leonardo Site in Pratica di Mare

OCCAR-EA Director visited the Leonardo site in Pratica di Mare (Pomezia), Italy on Thursday 29th September

The Director was welcomed by General Alessandro De Lorenzo, the Commanding Officer at the Pratica di Mare Airbase. 

The Director and his support staff were then driven to the Leonardo site and facilities by Gabriele Pieralli, Managing Director of the Electronics Division, Renzo Tosini, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Andrea Padella, Managing Director Electronics ITA Business Unit and Andrea Mattozzi, Senior Vice President Naval Systems LoB Electronics IT Business Unit.


During the visit, the Director and his staff could appreciate the cutting-edge radar systems being developed by Leonardo, namely:

• The Dual Band Radar (DBR), a Multifunctional Radar operating both in C-band and X-band and employing GaN-based Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA). The DBR will allow the PPA to perform autonomously and simultaneously surveillance and tracking of ABT and TBM threats.

In addition, while maintaining the capability to guide the active missiles of the SAM, the Leonardo state-of-art multifunctional architecture of the DBR has been fully exploited to integrate the radar with the EWS, both for passive surveillance and for jamming attack, and to support the artillery.

• AESA-L, a fully-digital long range radar based on GaN AESA, conceived to detect and track the TBM threats during the re-entry phase with performances, in terms of distance and accuracy, that guarantee the minimum reaction time of the defence system.

KRONOS Grand Mobile High Power (KGM HP), a mobile fully-autonomous GaN-based C-band AESA radar designed for the New Generation of SAMP/T batteries. The system exploits the latest technologies developed by Leonardo on C-Band multifunctional radars to fit the requirements of a mobile Fire Control Radar able to autonomously detect and track both ABT and TBM threats and to guide the active missile when integrated in the C2 system.

The event ended with a debrief session and a fruitful discussion around programmes currently managed by OCCAR.


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