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Jun 24 2022


On 23rd June 2022, OCCAR-EA Director attended a German-Italian bilateral event titled ‘Stronger Together – Towards a Common European Defence’, which was held at the Italian Embassy in Berlin, in Hiroshimastraße.

The Italian Ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Armando Varricchio, welcomed attendees in particular the Italian Minister of Defence Lorenzo Guerini, the State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence Benedikt Zimmer, the Head of the Italian Air Force General S.A. Luca Goretti and Senator Roberta Pinotti, Member of the Italian Senate and President of the Defence Committee. Senator Pinotti joined the event via video call.

The Italian Defence Minister Guerini and German Defence State Secretary Benedikt Zimmer, underlined the importance of European cooperation and cohesion amongst Nations. Their message focused on the need for Europe to strengthen its cooperation within its borders to ensure better results and technological advancements, especially in light of existing and emerging threats.

OCCAR-EA Director Matteo Bisceglia joined Senator Roberta Pinotti, Leonardo CEO Alessandro Profumo, Hensoldt Chief Strategy Officer Celia Pelaz and Wolfgang Hellmich, Member of the German Bundestag and Chairman of the Defence Committee, in a panel to discuss the future prospects of European Defence.

OCCAR-EA Director provided an overview of OCCAR and its significant role within the European community to sustain - by fostering cooperation- industrial development and Maia future key technologies affordable for Nations.

The Director praised the importance of the cooperation between Leonardo and Hensoldt although that is only the beginning. This cooperation should also look at including other European countries and their industries, ensuring that Europe can compete with the big international defence players. It is also fundamental to avoid unnecessary competition within Europe, to avoid useless duplications, wasting money and efforts. Cooperation means interoperability, saving money and most importantly with the benefit of having state of the art technological assets whilst containing costs; this is the only way for us to achieve a true Common European Defence.

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