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Jan 16 2024

S1850M Antenna Reinstalled on ITS ANDREA DORIA after Maintenance

Following eight months of maintenance, the Horizon Class ITS Andrea DORIA’s antenna has finally been safely re-installed on board.

The antenna of the Horizon Class destroyer ITS ANDREA DORIA has spent eight months at Thales Netherlands (TNL) undergoing preventative maintenance, as part of the S1850M Long Range Radar major overhaul.

The antenna was dismounted in May 2023 and then sent to TNL premises in Hengelo (NL) to undergo various maintenance activities. At the end of the maintenance process, the antenna was shipped back to Taranto where, despite the severe weather conditions, it arrived on 15 January 2024, accessing the arsenal early in the early morning through the Swing Bridge. The antenna was finally mounted on board the following day on 16 January 2024.

Maintenance activities were performed through the use of FSAF/PAAMS In-Service Support Contracts, which saw the involvement and support of TNL as well as local industrial stakeholders coordinated by TSNI. Through the implementation of OCCAR-led contracts, it was possible to maintain expected maintenance schedule therefore allowing ITS DORIA to progress with her subsequent technical stops, meeting the Italian Navy’s expectations and timescales.

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