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Oct 25 2023

REACT Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Demonstration at HENSOLDT

Ulm, October 25, 2023 – As part of a planned visit schedule to the Consortium companies participating in the Responsive Electronic Attack for Cooperative Tasks (REACT) programme, a delegation from OCCAR (ProjM), Spanish MoD and some of the REACT Consortium stakeholders were welcomed by HENSOLDT at their facilities located in Ulm (Germany). The participants had the opportunity to observe a demonstration of one of the key technologies identified under the scope of the project, the Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM). 

DRFM is a technology that enables the capture, storage, and playback of Radio Frequency (RF) signals. It is designed to digitize an incoming RF input signal at a frequency and bandwidth necessary to adequately represent the signal, then reconstruct that RF signal when required. DRFM systems are not limited to simply capturing and replaying RF signals. They can also incorporate advanced signal processing techniques to modify or manipulate the stored signals. This allows for the generation of realistic deception techniques, such as jamming or spoofing, to confuse or disrupt enemy systems. 

After an interesting briefing regarding the multiple activities where HENSOLDT is involved and a quick review of the status of the REACT tasks assigned to the company, the visitors were provided with a tour to the main dependencies, to finalize in a lab to deeply check with six different scenarios, the multiple possibilities of the DRFM technology.

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