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Feb 28 2024

OCCAR-EA Director Visits KMW and ARTEC

Munich, Germany, 28 February 2024 – OCCAR-EA Director Mr. Joachim Sucker visited KMW (a company of KNDS), where he was warmly welcomed by Mr. Ralf Ketzel, CEO KNDS Munich, and Mr. Frank Schnur, SVP Division Wheeled Armoured Vehicles. 

The visit provided the Director with the excellent opportunity to be fully briefed on KMW´s current operations and focus areas, with a particular focus on current and potential international cooperation areas.

This was followed by an extensive on-site tour of the production and testing facilities, where he was able to observe the tactical vehicle production including the Boxer.

In the afternoon, Mr. Sucker and the OCCAR-EA Boxer Programme Manager, Ms. Alexandra Alonzi, were hosted by the MDs of ARTEC, Dr. Alexander Abeler and Mr. Stefan Lischka, allowing a valuable opportunity to conduct a detailed review of current and strategic topics in the Boxer programme.

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