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Oct 5 2021

OCCAR-EA Director Attend Warsaw Security Forum 2021

On the 5th of October the OCCAR-EA Director attended the Warsaw Security Forum 2021 in Warsaw Poland. He participated in a discussion on Military Spending as a Source of Innovation and Economic Development with Polish MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Mrs Jadwiga Emilewicz, Undersecretary of State, Polish Ministry of Economic Development,Labour and Technology Mr Marek Nieduzak, professor Piotr Dardzinski of the Lukasiewicz Research Network and Italian MoD Colonel AndreaTruppo.

The event was livestreamed on YouTube and broadcasted in the WSF online platform.

The Director discussed the impact of military expenses on innovativeness in terms of OCCAR, specifically the importance of the development phase within the life cycle of a programme, which leads to innovations. He elaborated on the unique opportunity for Nations (even non OCCAR Member States) to get the best from the complex cooperative programme management expertise developed by OCCAR over the last 20 years. He promoted the OCCAR role in the defence cooperative environment , stressed the importance of Nations’ political responsibility in promoting international cooperation and highlighted the need for increased SME involvement in defence R&D activities.

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