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Apr 11 2024

OCCAR U212 NFS Programme participates at Undersea Defense Technology 2024

London, UK 9-11 April, 2024 - OCCAR’s U212 NFS Programme participated at this year´s Undersea Defense Technology Conference and Exhibition 2024 represented by its Senior Combat System Officer and Platform Officer, who was invited to present the latest achievements of the OCCAR U212 NFS Programme during a platform panel entitled “U212 Near Future Submarine (NFS), the development of a cutting-edge Lithium Battery System for the Submarine”

The presentation provided an overview of the Lithium Battery System with particular emphasis on the safety design, the latest successfully completed tests as well as an outlook on the NFS Programme status.

The Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) Conference and Exhibition is a multi-faceted exhibition and conference dedicated to undersea defence technology.

UDT brings together researchers, military end-users and professionals spanning the entire supply chain to evaluate developing solutions in one of the harshest environments known to man.

OCCAR´s participation in UDT provided the Organisation with a highly professional platform to present the U212 NFS Programme focusing on the development of this new challenging system for the U212 NFS submarine, as well as OCCAR´s role as an international organization managing complex, cooperative defence equipment programmes.

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