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Jun 6 2024

OCCAR Presents the Eurodrone and MMCM Programmes at UNVEX 2024

Barcelona, Spain, 4-5 June 2024 - On behalf of the OCCAR-EA Director, Mr. Joachim Sucker, the MALE RPAS Programme Manager, Mr. Baptiste Longuet, presented OCCAR-EA and the OCCAR Unmanned Vehicule Programmes (MMCM and MALE RPAS) in Barcelona for the seventh edition of UNVEX organised by Grupo Metalia. UNVEX is the largest Spanish event on Unmanned Systems.

A detailed presentation was provided on OCCAR´s role as international, independent organisation that currently manages 22 complex, cooperative defence equipment programmes as part of its extensive portfolio. An outlook on additional programmes currently under integration was also provided.

Emphasis was placed on presenting major Unmanned System programmes, with the latest status and achievements given on the Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) and the Eurodrone Programmes during a panel discussion with representatives of OCCAR´s major partner organisations the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

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