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May 23 2024

OCCAR Naval Programmes LSS and U212 NFS presented at CNE 2024

Farnborough, UK 21-23 May, 2024 – OCCAR´s Logistic Support Ship (LSS) and U212 NFS Programme´s once again were presented and represented at the prestigious Combined Naval Event (CNE) 2024, showcasing ground-breaking advancements in naval and underwater technology and strategy. OCCAR Delegates Mr. Lorenzo Poliseno, the LSS Deputy Programme Manager, and Mr. Alessandro Irvia, the U212 NFS Platform Officer, led the Organisation´s representation, introducing the naval programmes managed by OCCAR. Focus was given on the modern Logistic Support Ship of the LSS Programme and addressing the technological challenges of Human Factor Engineering (HFE) within the U212 Near Future Submarine Programme.

Mr. Poliseno provided an in-depth overview of OCCAR´s management of complex cooperative defence equipment programming, highlighting its position within the European Defence framework and its key management role in the naval domain. He presented a diverse array of OCCAR naval programmes, including the FREMM multi-mission frigate initiative and the European Patrol Corvette (EPC) development. Additionally, he emphasised the strategic significance of the LSS Programme's logistics capabilities, sharing valuable insights into the program's dual-use functionalities, underlining its pivotal role in enhancing naval operations' efficiency and adaptability.

Following, in the Submarine Technology panel, Mr. Irvia presented the Near Future Submarine programme (NFS) with focus on the Human Factor Engineering (HFE) and its technological challenges, providing an overview of programme design, construction, and procedural developments that prioritize crew safety, comfort and work performance.

OCCAR’s participation in CNE 2024 underscored its commitment to fostering collaboration and driving excellence in naval and underwater innovation, confirming its position as a leading authority in advancing European Defence capabilities and solidifying its central role in shaping the future of European Defence.

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