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Jul 18 2023

OCCAR Delivers Logistic Support Ship (LSS) JACQUES CHEVALLIER To French Navy

Toulon, 18 July 2023 - Four years after the signing of the FL-LSS Contract, the Logistic Support Ship (LSS) “Jacques Chevallier” was delivered on time to the French Navy at the Toulon Naval Base after the final acceptance promulgation by OCCAR.

A short ceremony took place on the helicopter deck of the LSS “Jacques Chevallier.” The French Deputy National Armament Directorate, IGCEA, Mr. Thierry Carlier, the Representative of the OCCAR Director, LSS Programme Manager, Mr. Franck Louvet, and Representatives of Industry, Mr. Laurent Castaing, the Executive Director of Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Mr. Vincent Martinot-Lagarde, the Director of NAVAL GROUP Services, officialised the acceptance and delivery of the ship to the French Navy.

The delivery ceremony was also attended by members of the family of “Jacques Chevalier,” who was the pioneer of French nuclear propulsion. Additional attendees included senior representatives from the Direction générale de l'armement (DGA), the Direzione degli armament navali (NAVARM) as well as French Navy, Industry and OCCAR.

In his speech, OCCAR´s LSS Programme Manager, Mr. Franck Louvet, underlined the strength of the ongoing French-Italian cooperation. He stressed the skills and strong involvement of industry that allowed maintaining the momentum of the high paced LSS Programme throughout, from start to finish, culminating in the on-time delivery of the LSS First of Class. Mr. Louvet thanked all stakeholders for their extraordinary commitment and cooperation under OCCAR`s guidance and management. This commitment by all the experts involved at every level, has led to the final success of OCCAR delivering the First French ship of the LSS Programme on time and in compliance with the established needs.

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