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Sep 12 2022

OCCAR A400M PD inauguration


OCCAR constantly strives to apply best practices in managing major European armament programmes for the benefit of Participating States.

Working in close relationship with Industry is a large part of this, and is the main reason why OCCAR and Nations decided to relocate the A400M programme division from Toulouse to Madrid.

The relocation project has been successfully managed by OCCAR and, since 1 September 2022, the OCCAR team has been established and fully operational in Madrid.

The formal inauguration of the new OCCAR premises in Madrid took place on 12 September, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by the OCCAR Director and the Chair of the OCCAR Board of Supervisors.

In his welcome speech, the OCCAR Director expressed his gratitude to the attending VIPs and Nations’ senior representatives for their support to this endeavour and the ongoing support to OCCAR provided by Member and Participating States. He also thanked Spain as Host Nation for the OCCAR team.

In addition, the Director highlighted the challenges that OCCAR, Nations and Industry will have to jointly tackle to maintain A400M as the most versatile, state-of-the-art cargo aircraft, and to further enhance its capabilities in the future.


To know more about the A400M programme, please visit our website.

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