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Feb 21 2023

NFS - Critical Design Review Achieved

On 15 February, at the meeting room “Torricelli” of the U212 NFS Programme Division, the NFS programme has met a significant milestone, the Critical Design Review (CDR), a fundamental step for the realisation of the new generation of submarines. The CDR concludes an exciting design route representing the formal assessment of the system’s final design as outlined in product specifications for each Configuration Items.

Further to intensive, challenging yet collaborative activities, the CDR has demonstrated that the design is mature and fully compliant to mission performance requirements. The system can now proceed with the manufacturing, system installation, integration and trial test phase.

Given the extremely harsh underwater environment and latest quieting technology advancements in the field, a key output of the CDR focused towards the definition of safety, maintainability and reliability of the Programme. According to OCCAR rules and high technological underwater military standards, these features have been fully addressed whilst considering budget, schedule and risk constraints.

The CDR has been achieved through joint and cooperative efforts by all stakeholders; namely, OCCAR-EA U212 NFS Programme Division, Italian Navy Submarine experts and industrial partners led by FINCANTIERI, to include small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you want to learn more about the U212-NFS programme, please visit our website.

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