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Dec 21 2022

NFS 2nd Contract Amendment Awarded

On 21 December 2022, in the frame of the NFS PC meeting, the 2nd Contract Amendment for U212 NFS was awarded. This is another major step towards the progressive development of the Near Future Submarine Programme.

The new Amendment focusses on the commercial and technical conditions for the production of a third NFS Submarine based on the design of the previous submarines, respectively NFS 1 and 2. The third Submarine (NFS 3) is planned to be delivered at the end of 2030.

In addition to the production of NFS 3, this new contractual amendment also addresses the implementation of further technological advancements to enhance submarines’ efficiency and performance within the underwater domain.

The production phase of the pressure hull is still ongoing, and the systems Critical Design Review (CDR) is reaching its closing phase, meeting the customer’s requirements and complying with cost, time and performance.

The signature of the third Amendment related to the fourth boat is planned for 2023.

If you want to learn more about the U212-NFS programme, please visit our website.

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