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Jun 1 2022

MKIII TIGER Mid Life Upgrade: signed 3 new contracts with INDRA

On 30th May 2022, OCCAR-EA Director signed three additional contracts within the existing MKIII Mid-Life Upgrade framework for the combat helicopter Tiger.

The Director signed the contract on behalf of France and Spain relating to the upgrade of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system, and two additional contracts on behalf of Spain relating to the development and production of a new Electronic Warfare System (EWS) and a new Command & Control System (SpC2).

These systems are major assets for the TIGER MKIII, they aim to improve Operations situational awareness in the forthcoming high density battlefields. Compatible with all prior operation modes, the upgraded IFF will achieve STANAG 4193 Ed.3 compliance in accordance with the future NATO standard Mode 5. Robust to interferences, exploitation and jamming, with an enhanced cryptography and direct sequence spread spectrum modulation, the upgraded system will reduce the risk of battlefield fratricide for both French and Spanish MKIII Tiger.

In order to ensure maximum survivability in today’s complex high density environment, Indra will provide a new EWS for the Spanish MKIII Tiger, including Chaff and Flare countermeasures system suited for all missions, for both low altitude -short range and high altitude- long range engagements.

As a key asset of the Spanish Battlefield Management System (BMS), Indra will provide for the Spanish MKIII Tiger a dedicated Command & Control (SpC2) tailored software implemented into the MkIII Tactical Data Management System (TDMS), allowing tactical data exchanges through Data-link connection with other aircraft or with ground force.

With the signature of these three contracts, France and Spain confirm their trust in OCCAR for managing a complex air system project as Tiger MKIII by dealing with the procurement of additional new systems integrated on the future Tiger variant, on top of the procurement of the major midlife update of Helicopter.

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