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May 18 2024

Launch of LSS Atlante: A new milestone for OCCAR and the LSS Programme Division

Castellammare di Stabia, 18 May, 2024 - The launch of the second IT Logistic Support Ship “Atlante” took place at the Fincanteri shipyard, hosted by Fincantieri’s Chairman Claudio Graziano and CEO and Managing Director Pierroberto Folgiero. The event was attended by OCCAR-EA Director Mr. Joachim Sucker and the Chief of the Italian Navy Admiral Enrico Credendino.

The LSS “Atlante” represents an example of modern naval engineering, developed through the industrial joint venture between Fincantieri and Leonardo for the Italian Navy. Its management falls under OCCAR within the framework of Italian-French international cooperation. The ship offers extensive dual-use capabilities, ranging from its vast logistical capacity and cutting-edge technologies to its commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, it is equipped with state-of-the-art hospital facilities and resources for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

The event featured a traditional launch, with the ship sliding into the water from the slipway where she was built and assembled. The ship was entrusted to the sea by the godmother Mrs. Federica Gargano, niece of Vice Admiral Romeo Oliva, recipient of the Silver Medal for Military Valour.

The launch ceremony wasn’t merely a celebration of technological achievement, but, as indicated by the OCCAR-EA Director during his speech, “ represents a starting point for  Industry and OCCAR to keep working together with even greater commitment in order to deliver the ITS Atlante”. It served as a testament to the cooperative efforts of OCCAR and the Italian Defence System, marking a significant milestone for the OCCAR LSS Programme Division.

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