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Dec 11 2023

HYDIS Contribution Agreement Signed

On 11 December, the OCCAR-EA Director and the Director-General Defence Industry and Space (DG DEFIS) signed the Contribution Agreement for the Concept Phase for an endo-atmospheric interceptor against new emerging high-end threats (HYDIS2). Besides the already integrated EU co-funded programme EU-HYDEF, OCCAR will also manage this further important European Defence Fund programme under indirect management mode on behalf of European Commission, and co-funded by France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

Beyond the two EDIDP Programmes MALE RPAS and ESSOR and the two EDF Programmes MMPC and EU-HYDEF, this will be the 5th EU Programme under indirect management mode which clearly indicates the growing and productive cooperation between OCCAR and the European Commission on this revolutionary new approach for cooperation.

The near future may contain a number of new Programme opportunities to support European cooperation and enhance the two organizations bilateral cooperation even further.

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