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Dec 15 2023

FREMM TLSM Contract: Floating Caissons Launched

TARANTO Dec 15, 2023 –The first of two floating caissons for the Italian Navy were launched at the dockyard in Taranto, Italy. These products, which are part of one order within the In-Service Support for the Italian FREMM ships (TLSM Contract)..

The delivery represents another important step towards the refurbishment of the careening basins of the Italian Navy dockyard in Taranto, dedicated to maintenance period of the Italian FREMM ships.

The delivery of the floating caissons is important to the City of Taranto, since they are the very first and significant developments in the military dockyard in Taranto for a long time, as they are entirely produced by a local firm with local craftsmen. This development was welcomed with great attention and optimism for the future of shipbuilding by the local authorities and the citizens of Taranto.

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