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Apr 3 2024

ESSOR Demonstrates Radio Interoperability to NATO Community

Paris, 03 April, 2024- - The OCCAR ESSOR Programme successfully demonstrated how it enables interoperability between tactical radios from different manufacturers during a recently held NATO meeting. The demonstration was performed using different types of radios (vehicular and handheld), including some in motion in a 10km area.  To the satisfaction of all participants, a flawless exchange of voice, video streams and instant messaging, required by operational armed forces was successfully demonstrated. The radio terminals used during this particular demonstration were from Thales (France) and Bittium (Finland), however ESSOR technology is also available on radios from Leonardo (Italy), Radmor (Poland) or Rohde & Schwarz (Germany).

The demonstration took place at the Thales premises in Gennevilliers, near Paris, during a meeting of the NATO Line of Sight Capability Team (LoS CaT) which supports the Alliance on technical aspects related to Line of Sight Communication. The meeting was organised by the French MoD in cooperation with the Finnish MoD, Thales and Bittium. The ESSOR product used for the demonstration is the ESSOR High Data Rate Waveform that was adopted as a standard by NATO in October 2023 (STANAG 5651 / NHDRWF) as well as by the Federated Mission Networking as a preferred waveform for radio interoperability during operation.

Looking ahead, the ESSOR Participating States (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain) are now planning to develop and test additional products to respond to coalition capability gaps identified by NATO. To encourage a large adoption by the community, these new activities will be performed in close cooperation with NATO and are open to new nations willing to join the ESSOR community.

The OCCAR ESSOR Programme Division, represented by the ESSOR Programme Manager, Mr. Serge Debono, is a member of the NATO LoSCaT where it actively supports the six ESSOR Programme Participating States (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain) to promote the ESSOR Programme as an enabler for radio interoperability.

ESSOR Programme Manager, Mr. Serge Debono, uses a live demonstration to explain how ESSOR enables radio communication between NATO nations using different radio terminals.

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