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Dec 13 2023

ELT Group demonstrates key technology for REACT Programme

ROME, December 13 2023 – Continuing with the technology demonstrations within the Responsive Electronic Attack for Cooperative Tasks (REACT) Programme, this time the opportunity was for ELT Group to show all the participants attending the visit, how the Digital Beamforming (DBF) technology is being worked and managed by the Italian company.

Apart from the Consortium members, OCCAR (ProjM), European Commission, Spanish MoD and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk or FMV) were all represented.

DBF technology in Electronic Warfare (EW) involves the manipulation of antenna arrays to direct radio frequency signals electronically. It allows for precise control of transmitted or received signals, enhancing radar performance, reducing interference and enabling agile and adaptative responses to threats in the electromagnetic spectrum.

According to the planned agenda, a review of the status of the REACT activities assigned to the company was presented together with a description of the DBF technology to better understanding what was shown afterwards in the lab to all of the visitors. Taking advantage of the demonstration, the participants were also given a factory tour to see the main activities where ELT Group is involved.

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