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Mar 9 2022

Director speaks at Eurodefence France in Strasbourg

Upon invitation by the former OCCAR Director Mr Bellouard, the OCCAR Director spoke at the Eurodefense France Conference in Strasbourg, France. The Conference focussed on European Defence and the question of national sovereignty versus collective responsibility. The Director participated in a round table on the following question: Is the present organisation of the Defence and Security in Europe adapted to the present and future challenges? He explained the role of OCCAR and how it can support the EU’s Defense ambitions in a world where more cooperation is paramount to get more done for less money, particularly in the current security environment.

The Director was joined by LtGen Devogelaere who explained the role of the Eurocorps in the Defence and Security of Europe, by Gen (ret) Palomeros who talked about the strengths and limitations of the Atlantic Alliance and by LtGen (ret) Perruche who provided a historical overview on Defence by the Europeans from Maastricht to Lisbon. The Director highlighted that the role of OCCAR in the European defence arena is gmdl-griding and can continue to gmdl-grid provided the necessary support from Nations is received.

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