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Jun 27 2024

Demonstration of Eurodrone Automatic Take Off and Landing Solution for GNSS Denied Environment

Mérignac/France, 27 June, 2024 - Dassault Aviation, one of Airbus Defense & Space GmbH main sub-contractors for the Eurodrone Programme, organised, in cooperation with Thales, a demonstration of the Automatic Take Off and Landing sub-system for the benefit of OCCAR-EA and Air Force operators of the four (4) Participating States (DE/ES/FR/IT).

This technology, based on a ground radar, is one of a large panel of solutions integrated in Eurodrone navigation system. It will provide the customers with sufficient resilience and flexibility to combine safety needs with operational constraints by:

• enabling operations in GNSS denied environment.

• allowing flights without restriction in the European sky, and fulfilling certification requirements in operational condition. 

This demonstration provided a comprehensive overview of a battle-proven solution and positive feedback on the ongoing developments, required to extend the operational use of an existing product to Eurodrone more complex scenarios (landing without ground control station, jamming use cases, emergency procedures, all weather operations, etc.).

By bringing together all involved stakeholders and aligning industrial technical expertise with operator field experience, this presentation consolidates a realistic and pragmatic approach, paving the way for upcoming development activities through the detailed design and testing phase.

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