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Sep 27 2023

Delivery of the Third Multipurpose Patrol Ship (PPA3) to Italy

The Final Official Acceptance (FOA) ceremony of the Third Multipurpose Patrol Ship (PPA3), delivered to the Italian Navy, took place on 27 September 2023 on board the Ship moored at Muggiano Shipyard in La Spezia.

The ship has been named after Raimondo Montecuccoli (1609 – 1680), Duke of Melfi, Author, Field Marshal and military reformer, a master of the warfare, who led Austrian armies to victory against enemies of the House of Habsburg for half a century. Montecuccoli was considered as the only commander to be the equal of General Turenne of the French Arms under Louis XIV.

PPA3 FOA saw the participation of Vice Admiral Antonio Natale representing the Chief of the Italian Navy, the Director of the Italian Naval Armaments Directorate Vice Admiral Giuseppe Abbamonte, and the Director of OCCAR-EA Mr. Joachim Sucker. Dr. Dario Deste (Fincantieri) and Eng. Marco De Fazio (Leonardo Company) represented the Temporary Consortium responsible for the ship’s development, production and In-Service Support.

The event was preceded by the Final Official Acceptance Review held on 26 September at the Muggiano shipyard where the representatives of Italy, OCCAR and the industry finalized the contractual documentation.

Raimondo Montecuccoli is the third PPA and the first one in “LIGHT PLUS” configuration. This ship signifies a very important milestone of the PPA Programme, because she adds to the previous "LIGHT" version other remarkable capabilities such as SAAM-ESD missiles, AESA Radar operating in C-Band and the complete suite of the Electromagnetic Warfare System. The ship’s delivery to Italy represents a decisive and fundamental step forward for the Programme, as the Italian Navy will soon have a new ship to integrate into its fleet, joining Thaon di Revel, the first PPA delivered in March 2022 and Francesco Morosini delivered in October 2022.

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