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Dec 8 2022

Contract Amendment for Aster 30 B1 Naval standard for UK

On 08 December 2022, the OCCAR-EA Director, on behalf of the UK MoD, signed the Amendment 10 of the Sustainment & Enhancement (S&E) contract with the Eurosam’s consortium Managing Director (Mrs. Eva Bruxmeier). 

 The contract Amendment saw the UK joining the multi-National partnership between France and Italy for the Production of the Aster Block 1, with a new contract managed by MBDA trough Eurosam.

The contract will oversee, in the framework of the Aster missiles Mid Life Update (MLU) for UK, the conversion of Aster 30 warheads to Aster 30 B1 Naval UK standard: autopilot software development and logistics updates, whilst the munition assembly will take place in UK premises, at Defence Munition Gosport (DMG).

The close collaboration between OCCAR, the UK MoD and DE&S in particular, plus the great level of effort from DGA (FR) and SEGREDIFESA (IT), played a key role in the achievement of this major milestones after a lengthy and complex negotiation period with industry.

Representatives from the Participating State could not join the ceremony in person but expressed their high satisfaction at the accomplishment of this long-awaited achievement.

This programme further strengthens the long-lasting relationship and strategic cooperation between France, Italy and the UK in the ammunition domain and paves the way for future Tri-National achievements and partnership opportunities.

If you want to learn more about the FSAF/PAAMS programme, please visit our website.

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