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Mar 8 2022

COBRA New Prime Power Unit Successful Demo

A significant milestone has been achieved this year on the COBRA Programme, with a successful demonstration of the first power unit with hybrid and variable speed technologies.

In the frame of the COBRA Mid-Life Update contract, ESG and its subcontractor, 2H Energy, developed a new Prime Power Generator for the COBRA system. Following two years of development, two prototypes were presented to France & Germany representatives and OCCAR. The technical demonstration took place in Fécamp (France) from 8 to 10 March 2022.

Figure 1: CIDEL, 2HEnergy, ESG, OCCAR CPD, FR & DE users

There are numerous advantages brought by this new generation of power supply:

 Reduced fuel consumption

 Reduced maintenance operations

 Reduced engine wear

 Reduced noise emissions

 Improved reliability Stable & uninterruptible power supply

Adaptable from 6kW to more than 300kW units

The successful COBRA logistic demonstration of the New Prime Power Unit prototypes paves the way to a promising future for this innovative product on both the civil & military generator markets.

If you want to learn more about the Cobra programme, please visit our website.

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