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Dec 15 2021

COBRA Major Mid-Life Update (MLU) Contracts Signed

On 15/12/2021 the COBRA Team achieved a significant milestone by the contract signatures for the 3rd and 4th Mid-Life Update (MLU) contract with ESG as prime.

  • The New Inertial Navigation Unit (NINU) contract with Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) (sub-contractor IMAR and Thales FR) includes the development and procurement of a new Navigation Unit including GPS capability and better accuracy replacing the current obsolete units.
  • The New Signal Processor (NSP) contract with ESG (sub-contractor Thales FR) includes the procurement of a Form-Fit-Function (FFF) solution to rectify the current Signal Processor as well as an update of the Data System Software (new feature for the operator and improved radar performance).

In addition, CPD could also complete successfully the NSPA ad-hoc tasking of the New Positioner Retrofit Kits today. This procurement will be done via a contract between NSPA and Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) to be signed in February 2022.

The completion of the roll-out of all three major MLU activities is planned in 2025 and will complete the MLU activities initiated and harmonised over the past 5 years.

This partnership between ESG and OCCAR-EA underlines and reiterates the commitments of France and Germany in favour of reinforced European cooperation in the fields of Security and Defence and of development towards a more united, resilient and sovereign Europe.



From left to right: Matthias Will (ESG COBRA PM), Johann Hartl (ESG NINU & NSP PM), Olaf Ripper (ESG, Head of Radar & Sensor Systems), Heiko Seebode (ESG Division Head Land), Denis Lizandier (OCCAR EA DD), Christian Hammes (CPD Contract Officer), Sylvie Necas (COBRA Deputy PM), Jan Gerecke (CPD NINU Manager), Waltraud Kosak-Gonzalez (ESG Commercial), Christophe Le Moine (CPD Technical SL).


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