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Apr 5 2022

COBRA DSG3 Hardware Successful Functional Demonstration

Another significant milestone has been achieved on the COBRA Programme, with a successful hardware demonstration of the Data System Group 3rd Generation (DSG3), bringing new capabilities to the COBRA system.

Part of a global Mid-Life Update project, ESG developed a complete new design to assist COBRA operators in their critical mission. A DSG3 prototype was integrated into ESG’s COBRA Test and Reference System and was presented by ESG during the demonstration to OCCAR COBRA Participating States (France & Germany) and OCCAR-EA. This technical demonstration was held in Egenhofen (Germany) on March 24th 2022.

Figure 1: ESG, OCCAR CPD, FR & GE Representatives

During the demonstration, the German and French customers were satisfied by the changes introduced by this new data system group. The new design is based on MOTS[1] Components such as Computer and Displays.

This successful demonstration is leading the project to the next milestone: the Critical Design Review, planned in 2022. [1] Military off-the-shelf

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