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Feb 8 2024

COBRA 1st Retrofit successfully completed

Belfort, France 08 February, 2024 – A major milestone was achieved for the COBRA Programme, with the first five French COBRA systems receiving the new COBRA positioner upgrades at the 1st Artillery Regiment in Belfort, France. This was a well-coordinated and successful team effort from OCCAR, Participating States (FR DGA, FR Army, DE BAAINBw) NSPA, Lockheed Martin and ESG with these five COBRA systems now retrofitted and in serviceable condition.

Being the first of these positioners retrofit campaigns, follow-up activities were agreed upon and lessons were identified, which will benefit the remaining 15 systems yet to be retrofitted in Germany and France until the end of 2025. The new positioner addresses major obsolescence and improves the overall reliability.

Image : Copyright DE MoD

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