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Nov 16 2022

BOXER Programme visits the UK production lines


In November 2022, the OCCAR BOXER Programme team travelled together with UK MIV DE&S, to the United Kingdom (UK), to visit the new production lines set up by WFEL and RBSL. This is a key element of the UK BOXER Contract amendment. The visit included also delegates from the UK Army customer and industry.

As part of the OCCAR BOXER UK Contract amendment signed in 2019, the main contractors KMW and Rheinmetall, subsequently contracted WFEL and RBSL as the UK footprint for the creation of UK production facilities. This remains an important element of the UK contract amendment, which was subject to significant levels of political attention due to the high value of the contract and aims to increase of the national supply chain, workforce and prosperity.

WFEL is based in Stockport and has a longstanding history of building military bridging systems with particular expertise in welding armoured materials. RBSL is based in Telford and became a joint venture between the UK BAE Systems and Germany’s Rheinmetall AG for military vehicle design, manufacture and support. Following a period of knowledge transfer and supply chain build up, the manufacture of BOXER vehicles will transition from the existing lines in Germany, to the UK.

The first vehicles built in the UK are due in 2024, from both WFEL and RBSL production lines.


If you want to learn more about the Boxer programme, please visit our website.

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