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Nov 24 2023

1st Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMES) Workshop at OCCAR Bonn premises

In order to promote cooperation between Small and Medium Enterprises, OCCAR-EA organised the first workshop with a number of SME’s from different Nations for an introduction to OCCAR and an exchange of thoughts with kindred spirits.

On 12 November 2021, the Director received the visit of representatives from six SME’s from four different countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy and Slovenia).

The SME’s were presented with an introductory briefing to the role, mission and programmes of OCCAR after which they presented their companies.

Afterwards, the SME’s were given the opportunity to network amongst themselves without interference from OCCAR.

All parties considered this first SME workshop a success which may be extended in the future if deemed appropriate.

When you want to learn more about OCCAR and its programmes, please visit our website.


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