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Basic salaries and allowances are net of income tax.

Staff members are recruited at pay step one of the grade in question. Subject to satisfactory performance, higher steps are awarded in subsequent years. Annual adjustments are normally applied to all steps in respect of changes in salary due to the cost of living.

Basic salary is the salary applicable to the grade of the post. The salary scales applicable in OCCAR are as follows:

OCCAR Salary Scales 2024
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Allowances are paid under certain conditions (depending on the personal circumstances and family situation of the staff member) and on production of the relevant documents. The main allowances are as follows:

Expatriation Allowance

An expatriation allowance shall be paid to staff who, at the time of their appointment, were not nationals of the host State. The rate of the allowance during the first five years of service shall be 10 percent of basic salary. However, in years six through ten, the allowance shall be reduced by two percentage points per year to reach zero. An Expatriated Children Supplement is payable for dependent children who will not be in receipt of Education Allowance.

Basic Family Allowance

The Basic Family Allowance (BFA) is equivalent to the Dependent Child Supplement (DCS) payable in the country of the duty station.

BFA shall be granted to officials who have established a family unit at the duty station with their spouse (or partner with equivalent legal status). The amount payable is subject to the income of the spouse.
A second portion of the BFA is payable to expatriated staff who meets the payment criteria for BFA.

Dependent Child Supplement

The Dependent Child Supplement (DCS) shall be granted for each dependent child, under 18 years of age. The supplement shall also be granted for each dependent child aged 18 to 22 years receiving a full-time education. DCS shall continue to be granted without any age limit if the dependent child fulfils the criteria related to the eligibility for the supplements for disabled or severely disabled child.

The Dependent Child Supplement and the Expatriated Children Supplement are as follows:

Education Allowance

An education allowance for each dependent child who is in full time education under 22 years of age, is normally paid to staff members entitled to the expatriation allowance. Details can be obtained by contacting OCCAR-EA Human Resources Division.


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