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Policies & Methods

Global Balance

The OCCAR Convention sets out the Member States political determination to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of their armaments co-operation and strengthen the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base. Experience has shown that too much emphasis on strict and rigid work share arrangements reduces the potential to reap the full benefits of competition and cooperation. Accordingly, the OCCAR Member States have renounced to the analytical calculation of industrial juste retour (national industrial work share equals fully the national governmental cost share) on a programme-by-programme basis and have replaced it by the pursuit of an overall and flexible multi-programme/multi-year balance of work share against cost share: the concept of global balance.

OCCAR-EA is responsible for recording global balance data and it is on the basis of this data that the BoS will consider what action, if any, might be taken to rectify an imbalance should one occur.

OCCAR-EA Methods

OCCAR-EA applies best practice corporate and programme management methods. These methods, together with policies and procedures, are laid down in the OCCAR Management Procedures (OMPs) as well as in underlying Internal Rules and Internal Guidelines. The OMPs, Internal Rules and Internal Guidelines provide a coherent, integrated and ISO-certified Quality Management System.

The following OCCAR-EA Methods can be viewed in more detail below:


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Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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